About CashCrate

Chapter 2: Common Questions About CashCrate

The most common question about CashCrate is
 Is it a Scam?
The simple answer is no, it's 100% legit. CashCrate is paid when you complete an offer. Just like any other company pays employs they pay you a percentage of what they were paid. Why would CashCrate scam you? Sure a scamer can benefit short term, if they are not quickly discovered and tossed in prison! I can tell you why they wouldn't scam you: They will make more money over time by being honest than by trying to rake in a quick $1Mil and split.
 Now the questions really start popping up in your
head don’t they?
How can it be free?
Because companies need people for research and they pay out millions each year. Buy filling out the quizzes, surveys, and free offers, you’re actually giving large companies feed back about their
products. what CashCrate does is take the money companies give them for your participation, and give you back up to 75% of it! That's free cash for you!

So basically you make money online with paid surveys. That means you can work from home or in your spare time, even while playing games online. 

All you have to do is Click here and join. They'll give you $1 just for completing your profile!
(US sign ups only)

  How can I make money?
You can make money by completing the offers. I’ll tell you how, but first take a look at what the offers will look like on CashCrate. Note the Tabs and the Search Preferences. I’ll cover these in a moment. On the left of the offer’s table is the Name of the offer. Next is the offer description followed by payout and cost.
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About those Tabs:
The first tab is “Cash Offers.” Click on it to find offers that payout cash.
The second tab is “Points Offers.” Click on it to find offers that payout points.  The third tab is “Research Surveys” This tab offers surveys worth $.80,in which you can complete only two a day, and bonus surveys worth varying amounts.

About Search Preferences:
The Show: box allows you to select search preferences as follows: 100% Free, Credit Card, and  Free Trial. I suggest you use 100% Free.
The Sort by: box allows you to select search preferences as follows: Newest, Rating, Payout, and Cost. I suggest using Rating. Though sometime’s you can find a “Newest” offer that hasn’t been rated yet.
                  Ok now that you’ve got that back to the questions.

How will I get paid?
Assuming you entered valid information when you signed up for CashCrate you will have given your mailing address during registration. On the first 31st of each month, at midnight, your monthly earnings will be cleared and processed. You can view processing info in the “Earnings”tab.  On the 15th of each month the checks are mailed out. US users usually have about a 5-7 business day wait, depending on holidays etc. Of course if you gain 50 active referrals, you become eligible to receive payment directly into your Paypal account on the 1st of each month. If you did not give your correct mailing address, you will not be paid. I suggest
you go to your Account Settings and change your info.

How much can I make?
Well in a nut shell, at CashCrate you can make as much free money as you want. Of course, your income will not be enough, at first, to replace your current job if you have one. Typical First month users income ranges from $20 to $100. There are several different methods used in order to increase income at CashCrate so the possibilities are endless..

CashCrate frequently adds new 100% Free offers ranging from $.05 to $40! The best part is the offers usually take less than 15 minutes!
There may be some questions you have that I’ve left out. If so, contact me with the question and I’ll give you an answer and maybe even add it to the e-book.

From Actual CashCrate members

"I think 2010 is going to be an explosion for people trying to make money anywhere they can, especially online. CashCrate is an excellent way to start the money adventure. I'm glad I joined." - 2catnite

"I've been a member of CashCrate for a year now and have been paid on time everytime. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made was to invest my time making money online in my spare time."- TriNi
CashCrate is a really easy way to make some extra cash online for free! I made over $30 completing offers, joining free sites, and playing games for about 2 hours a day!! Simple and Free to join!"- DS22

"Been making money from
CashCrate for over two years now and never missed a payout! If I did have any problems, the support here was helpful! Easy to do surveys/offers and a great referral program, what more can I say!!" - Briguy