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About the CashCrate Referral Program
How it works
The way the CashCrate Referral Program is works is based on a Two-tier network scheme. This means you can have up to two levels of referrals. Here's a visual of the structure.
Now let me explain how this works.
  • Level 1 referrals are people that you refer directly.
You earn 20% of what they make. For instance, if you referral completes an offer on CashCrate worth $1 when his/her account is credited the $1 your account will ALSO be credited $0.20! So they’ll make the full dollar amount they intended to make and you’ll make 20% from each offer completed.
  • Level 2 referrals people that your referrals refer.
You earn 10% of what they make. It follows the same concept as Level 1 referrals except you will gain $0.10 for every $1 they make on CashCrate. 

Now you make ask yourself, “Why should I join through this site?” 

That’s a great question and I have a great answer! By joining right now, you’ll insure yourself a $20-$100 minimum income! I will also be available in several ways everyday to help you learn the system. You’ll get a free copy of my e-book that contains proven methods for earning on CashCrate. You’ll learn how to complete offers and earn free cash without ever spending a penny!

I’ll help you set up a blog like this to start gaining your own referrals. Unless, of course, you don’t need any help from me. This could very well happen because CashCrate is so simple you could probably train a chimpanzee to earn! 

Click here to start earning now. Don’t let the $20-$100 income discourage you! I made $30 my first month simply completing 5-10 offers every couple of days. It only took a couple hours a day (every other day or so) and the earnings started adding up! Before I knew it I had made payout! Seeing how easy this is I’ve continued my method and look forward to another check next month. 

I‘ve even seen proof that members have made over $1000 in a single month on CashCrate! So don’t hesitate! join now and receive your free e-book! After you sign up at you’ll receive an automated message from me welcoming you to CashCrate and providing you the link to your free e-book. Follow my blog and twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest OnlineCash4Free info!

added 8/26/2010

CashCrate Referral Video from Joe Coleman on Vimeo.