CashCrate Offers

First allow me to show you what the offers page on CashCrate looks like:

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Some basic tips for completing CashCrate Offers:

  • Never use your "main" email account during the offers. You'll be signing up for info on products and will recieve lots of emails. Use a free email service for the emails you'll need.
  •  Never enter any false information into the forms during offers. You can be banned from CashCrate for this and will most likely not be credited if you do not enter information that is true.
  • Make sure to fully complete each offer. Some offers require you to confirm an email address and you will not recieve credit if you don't.
  • Make sure you check out the sponsored offers involved. I've reciecved totally free stuff just for filling out a form!

 For more tips on how to earn on CashCrate click CashCrate and join to recieve your free e-book.